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                            Sight Gags

The difference between a dog and a cat. 2001. Jack Ritter.
The North Koreans and Trump. Kim Jong Un Laughing 2017. Jack Ritter.
Trumps Nobel Medal. Dog awarded Nobel Prize! Trump is awarded Nobel for N Korea. Jack Ritter.
Bunt cake attack. 2016. Jack Ritter.
Roy Moore. Gadsden mall Alabama. banned from mall. Godzilla. sexual abuser. 2017. Jack Ritter.
Housten TX hurricane of 2017. Jack Ritter.
Trump and Cushner. Soviet baby adoption charade. 2017. Jack Ritter.
prehistoric man was a beggar. Turk Ritter. Iron Man. 2010. Jack Ritter.
Custers Last Theorem. Math Humor. Fermats Last Theorem. 2017. Jack Ritter.
Please dont eat the urinal cake. 2015. Jack Ritter.
dachshund Frank in underwear. 2017. Jack Ritter.
Fantastic finale to Lakewood Country Club's Fireworks!

Same, in slow motion (no audio)

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