Dachshund as Satan House of Words wooden menu frame canvas

11 good things about hell

1. The road to it is well-surfaced.

2. The road out is virtually traffic-free.

3. When you shout "You damned kids!"
it means something.

4. You can socialize with folks who
share your values.

5. They play your favorite classics,
like Little Sulphur Girl.

6. If you don't want to go to work,
you can call in 'damned.'

7. All heating is government-subsidized.

8. Extended weeping hours, with

extra wailing on weekends.

9. Affords an excellent view of heaven's

licentious underbelly. On a clear

day, you can look up angels' skirts.

10. Plenty of extra handbaskets.

11. No more church!

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