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The Closer

The ad said:
Find out how to earn $200K+ a year!

Mitch, with huge blue cufflinks
and winner cologne,
carefully grinds away at us:

I don't know how my Maserati works
because I don't HAVE to know.

He gushes over the two books he'd read,
Think and Grow Rich
by Napolean Hill, and,
The Power of Positive Thinking.

I have a copy of each on my night stand.
You would do well to do same

He was one of those guys you never met in college.
He was smarter than me the way a predator is.
Every time he said "money" it had three syllables.

The number two boss comes out
and tells us how tough it will be
working for him, but if we think he's tough,
wait till we try to explain our low sales to Mitch.

You know what,
I never liked the name Mitch.
Wouldn't wanna work for a Mitch.
That mouth. Those cufflinks.

I slithered out on the edges of my loafers.
Avoiding looks, I told myself:
No loss, it's just vacuum cleaners.

Or encyclopedias.

Or insurance.

Or security systems.

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