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Giving Glucosamine, Chondroitin,

and Hyaluronic Acid to your Dog

(This is the script for the Youtube video Giving Glucosamine to your dog:
Glucosamine -> yer Dog )

When our 8-yr-old dachshund got arthritis, the vet said, feed him this. After 2 weeks, the dog was better. This has Glucosamine.

This video is about giving Glucosamine, and 2 other things, to your dog. There's three ways to do it, ranging from 5 cents a day to $2 dollars a day.

Glucosamine is usually accompanied by Chondroitin. The combo works better. They both come in hydrochloride or sulphate form. There's no difference.

Some supplements contain Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring polymer, which means it's stretchy and rubbery. Amazing stuff. Plastic surgeons inject it into the face, as a "filler." For arthritus, it's injected right into joint tissue, but they're pretty sure it helps if taken orally. So those are the big 3: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic acid, or 'HA'.

Then there are additives Licorice root, yucca, garlic, etc. Never mind all that alternative herbal holistic spiritual new-age folk-medicine tin-foil-hat ufo fruit-cake fuckin' bullshit. Ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

My price comparisons are all cost per day to give a "standard" dose to a "standard" dog, i.e., 500 MG of Glucosamine to a 30 pound dog. So, a 15 pound dog should get 250 MG daily, etc. 500 is a typical dose, but you could double it. I'm all in favor of getting the max benefit. OK the 3 ways.

METHOD 1: Special dog food.

This was my dog's previous food, Diamond Adult, with rice and lamb meal. The difference is, the vet's has Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
Problem is: whereas this is ONE dollar a pound, this costs $3.80 per pound. That works out to two dollars per day, not counting the food. That's over $700 per year. Don't you do it.

METHOD 2: Dog Glucosamine supplements.

I looked at a lot of these. Most are chewable tabs, like Salveo, Doggie Dailies, & NaturVet Senior Wellness.

The best is:
InflamAway HA - Highly reviewed. 40 CENTS PER DAY. That's more like it. It has Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Chewables are great IF your dog is willing to chew them! Our 2 dogs absolutely will not, regardless of the "delicious" flavor. Many dogs won't.

Which brings me to liquid supplements. Of the few, the best by far is this: Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine. You mix it in with their food, so they won't turn their noses up. It's very highly rated, not just by me. It has gluc & condroitin - 25 cents per day. But it just has a tiny amount of HA.

METHOD 3: Human Glucosamine supplements.

This is by far the cheapest method- as low as 5 cents a day. It's identical to the dog form. Get it from the internet, or a drugstore. The lowest I could find was this: Puritan's Pride Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg 240 Capsules. It's Glucosamine only, but it's 5 cents a day. It's "rapid release capsules," so again, it mixes in easily with the food.

If you buy the solid tablet form [hold up tab] of glucosamine, you just shave off 500 mg with one of these: a nice little file. Or carve it off with a knife.

To summarize: Number one: InflamAway HA, with Hyaluronic acid. 40 cents a day. In a non-chewable, get Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine. 25 cents a day, but less HA. Cheapest is human Gluc, like Puritan's Pride. It's 5 cents a day, Glucosamine only.

(*) Manufacturers are constantly reinventing the same formulations under new names. Gotta keep up w/ the game.
(*) A lot of these products contain MSM, which I'm neutral about, since I haven't researched it.
(*) Most important of all: watch your dog's WEIGHT, because she won't. And make her EXERCIZE.

All of the info I've just given I've put up the internet. Go to house of words dot com, and click on "Glucosamine."

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